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About me.

As long as I can remember I have been interested in crafts of one sort or another.

Angela at home

Over the years my hobbies have been many each quite enjoyable with a sense of achievement at the end result but they were not lasting. Looking back I suppose I was searching for that something 'extra' that other hobbies did not give me, total absorption and enthusiasm for what I was doing.

I enrolled for a calligraphy course being advertised at the Rotherham College of Art and Technology as I have always enjoyed hand writing but disappointment followed as the course was terminated due to the low number of students at that time.

Angela at work

Having seen the WEA (Workers Educational Association) were advertising calligraphy courses to which I enrolled and soon became totally engrossed wanting to learn anything and everything that was calligraphy related. From the basic letter forms of all the main calligraphic hands which are the foundation of calligraphy to a more modern approach incorporating art and craft. I had found that something 'extra' combining my love of writing and watercolour painting.

Later, on becoming a tutor to the WEA I was able to create and promote an interest in 'The Art of Beautiful Writing' Calligraphy is my passion not only the work of medieval scribes their scripts and illumination are truly inspirational but also to modern lettering and the many different techniques in use today. I am currently running calligraphy courses at Tankersley in Barnsley and hope to pass all my enthusiasm to my students and get them just as hooked as I am on this beautiful art. Whether you would like to learn calligraphy or simply improve your everyday writing it is never too late to start.

My commissions have been varied over the years, however, I now focus more on love letters and songs, poetry and verses with illumination ranging from filigree to floral artwork. Everyone appreciates a gift made especially for them and with hand lettering and complimentary illumination that 'special something' is created and becomes a unique gift to be treasured always.

My website has been created to give you the opportunity to view samples of my work and offer my original work for sale.