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In calligraphy the term for alphabet is ‘hand’ with the main hands being Uncial, Gothic, Italic, Foundational and Copperplate. There are literally hundreds of variations of each hand.

Essentially the Uncial hand is a good place to start for students new to calligraphy but not necessarily so. Progression can be made upon completion of each course to the next module.

Course Date(s): Tuesday, September 11, 2018
Course duration: 12 weeks 7pm - 9pm
Course location: Tankersley Welfare Hall, Pilley Lane, Tankersley, Barnsley S75 3AP

A brief description of what to expect from the course: -

Week oneThis script for this course has not been set as yet but will commence with an introduction to calligraphy, the technicalities and terminology the foundation of any calligraphic script and the materials required.

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